Area 420 developer complains to SO

MOFFAT — Marijuana complex developer Whitney Justice reported she was being harassed by a Moffat woman Saturday Oct. 27 after an incident occurred at the juncture of Reigel Ave. and County Road 59, near Justice’s Area 420 marijuana cultivation project.
According to dispatch logs provided by the Saguache Sheriff’s Office, Justice called Saturday afternoon to complain that a woman had driven by property in the complex she is trying to sell and had yelled out her window while prospective buyers were viewing it, telling them that they were “getting ripped off.”
The report also says Justice intended to press charges and wished to speak to a deputy. When the deputy called her back, Justice gave him a phone number for a Moffat resident by the name of Ms. Shawn Quick. The deputy responding to Justice told her he would talk to Quick.
When Quick was contacted, the log continues, the deputy told her that she was not to make “any contact with anyone on the property anymore.” The deputy then phoned Justice and told her he had talked to Quick and he advised her to cease contact.
Quick was not cited for any violation and no formal complaint has been filed to date.
When contacted by the Center Post-Dispatch, Quick gave a different story than the report made to the sheriff’s office by Justice. She said that while driving down the road to her residence she saw a group of people gathered at County Roads 59 and 60. She thought there might be an accident so since she is a medical provider, Quick stopped to enquire if everything was okay.
She was approached by Mike Biggio, Justice’s business partner, who leaned into her car and struck up a conversation. Quick says she never left her car and it remained on County Road 59 for the entire conversation.
Biggio told her he was showing people property for sale in the complex and advised Quick that while formerly the price had been $150,000 per lot, now it is $200,000. Quick commented that at that price her property would be worth millions. Previously lots in the area sold for around $500 per parcel.
Quick said she thought nothing more about the matter and continued home. She was surprised when she was later contacted by a deputy. She says he reported to her that Justice described her as being belligerent while on her property. Quick denied that this was the case.
Since the development of Area 420, Quick says her view of the sand dunes by construction at the complex has been obscured and road work at the site is ongoing, with trucks up and down the roads. And this is only the beginning of the site’s development, she noted.
A source at the Saguache Sheriff’s office says the department receives reports such as this on a regular basis.