Center PD warns community about homemade weapons


Photos courtesy of Center Police Department Homemade weapons were recently confiscated by the Center Police Department during arrests.

CENTER — Center Police Department Chief Dale Meek released a statement in his email newsletter regarding several types of homemade weapons that have been seized in recent weeks by the department.

“I want to make everyone aware of several homemade weapons we have been confiscating and charging subjects with," Meek stated. "These items have the purpose of hurting, maiming and seriously injuring people. They are not normal knives and guns you find on the street but are just as likely to kill or injure."

One item was a weighted baton, Meek stated — a long, black cylinder-shaped item with a strap used to hold it to the wrist. Weight is added to make it heavier to cause more physical damage to a person when it is used.

"Officers located this baton concealed in an arrestee’s pants along the left leg," Meek stated. "The strap was placed so the person could quickly pull the baton and attack with it while keeping it concealed to the normal eye. The baton was encountered when the suspect resisted and obstructed a narcotics investigation during a traffic stop.”

Meek continued to explain that a second item recently encountered by officers is known as a “prison shank” — a homemade sharp object used to stab. He described it as a section of metal with a tape-wrapped handle and a sharpened point.

The third item of note discussed by Meek was what is known as a blackjack or slapjack. This weapon that was also discovered by CPD, was formed from a 12-inch section of paracord that had a heavy weighted ball attached to the end. This weapon is used to strike a person with the weighted ball, using the paracord as a long handle. Blackjacks are primarily used to strike someone in the head, face, or neck.

Meek stated that people should contact the CPD if they encounter any suspicious items.