Farish new Saguache interim attorney

SAGUACHE — Following a citizens’ comment period and a lengthy executive session, Saguache trustees appointed Eugene Farish as the town’s new interim attorney. Farish, who attended the meeting, said, “It is a pleasure to serve the board and the people of Saguache.”
Farish will receive $1,750 a month for his services.
New town clerk Iris Garcia was introduced to the board and trustee Randal Arredondo told fellow trustees: “Iris will do a good job.” Garcia worked for Arredondo at the Road and Bridge Department as his secretary for several years.
The town also has hired a new maintenance worker.
The town then went on to discuss pending projects, beginning with the sewer project. Interim town administrator Brandy Reitter told the board they have 30 days to call a public hearing on the sewer project, and after discussion it was agreed to schedule the hearing at a special meeting Oct. 13.
In the meantime, they will be issuing a request for proposals. The project will not begin until next spring, Reitter said.
The bathroom project at Dave Martinez Park has run into some design problems and Reitter suggested the town ask for an extension on their grant for the project.
Town Hall renovations also will be delayed because the renovations are being done with a grant from the State Historical Fund. Before the project can move forward, the town will need to consult with an historical preservation architect.
The town website won’t be done until the end of November. Although the current website is decent most people just don’t use it, Reitter noted.
Reitter complained the town is “missing a lot of money” and “is not in good shape.” Much of the problem lies with bills that were sent out but never paid and bills paid that were not recorded. “We have to figure out how much people owe,” she said. The finances look “a little bit quirky after the last clerk left,” Reitter noted. A draft plan of the budget will be presented Oct. 9, Reitter said. But if something comes up, she reminded the board, the budget “is a living document.” Budget hearings are scheduled for November and the budget must be received by the State in December, she said.
Trustee Susan Collins, in response to a citizen comment, suggested the town once again publish their bills in the paper of record, the Sagauche Crescent.
After a brief discussion and a request by trustee Tim Chittum to become more familiar with the topic, a motion to support the tax initiative for Mountain Valley Schools was tabled. The board also tabled discussion of the town ordinance regarding the number of dogs that can be kept within city limits until Attorney Farish can review what the previous town attorney, Karen Lintott did regarding the ordinance.
The next town board meeting will take place Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

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