Grants submitted to county for vet bricks

In the Aug. 11 Center Post-Dispatch the report on the grant received by Center to help fund the veterans' bricks project was written by Center dispatcher Katrina Martinez.

CENTER — During a regular town board meeting Tuesday, Center Trustees again discussed the veteran bricks needed for the veteran’s wall at Casa Blanca Park and heard from Deputy Clerk Rose Marie DeHerrera that the town has applied for a grant to help purchase the bricks.
DeHerrera told trustees that Center Schools counselor Katrina Ruggles wrote and submitted the grant for the town requesting $5,000 to help those not able to afford the bricks or purchase them for veterans in their family. Trustee Tino Segura reported that, “Vets out there are financially strapped and can’t afford the bricks. They have mental problems, drug problems, PTSD.”
A discussion followed regarding the lettering on the bricks and adding the war in which they served and their rate as servicemen. Trustee Adeline Sanchez said she is worried the etching in the bricks will wear out. It was agreed the town would contact the contractor for the bricks and enquire about possible changes. DeHerrera said about 25-30 bricks have been sold to date.
Audit review
Trustees approved a motion to conduct an audit review following the departure of Joan Mobley as town clerk and treasurer. Mobley pled guilty to false reporting and aggravated ID theft this March while working for the Internal Revenue Service just prior to her hiring on at Center.
Trustees felt it was their responsibility to make sure there were no irregularities in the audit and voted to ask for an extension at their last meeting to investigate the matter.
Trustee Mary McClure told the board that for their current auditors, Wall, Smith and Bateman, to review the audit would cost $2,000-5,000. “I think this needs to be done so the community knows the condition of the town’s finances,” McClure told the board. The auditors will examine only the books from 2016, she said.
Other business
• The USDA grant is ready to submit for the water tower retainer.
• DeHerrera asked that a gate be placed at the construction site for the water tower to keep trespassers from coming onto the site.
• The new water tank painting will begin this week.
• No estimates have been submitted yet to remove the old water tank.
• The board approved a proclamation declaring it National Health Week in the town Aug. 15-19


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