Identity stolen? Saguache Sheriff can help

SAGUACHE COUNTY - Painless until you know about it, identity theft hurts. Saguache County residents hit by this crime can get help by picking up an “Identity Theft Packet” from the Sheriff’s Office.

“Immediately contact your bank,” noted Jail Commander Ken Wilson. After freezing accounts and canceling credit cards, follow instructions and contact the agencies listed in the packet. Then return to law enforcement for next steps.

New scams echo old evil, and Wilson warns residents to guard personal information carefully. Over the phone or on the computer, scammers leverage account numbers to make purchases. According to some reports, fraudulent insurance claims have been traced to insurance cards stolen from car break-ins.

Wilson added that residents can pay for a monitoring service or password-protect their Social Security numbers. “Of course, don’t provide personal information to anyone over the phone,” Wilson added.


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