Letter to the Editor: Citizens of Rio Grande County

To the editor,

This letter is written in reference to the recall effort against Rio Grande County Commissioner John Noffsker.

The committee (one of whom is the mother of former Rio Grande County Public Health Officer, Emily Brown) has stated a number of reasons why they want Commissioner Noffsker removed. I think we can  agree the reasons are “vague” and “subjective.” Many folks think this effort is nothing more than sour grapes because Mrs. Elliot’s daughter was fired. As far as other employees being terminated or resigning, Commissioner Noffsker was involved in only two of those terminations.

Common sense tells us that whenever someone steps into a leadership position (in private business or government) and attempts to have the organization operate on policy rather than what has become the norm (what’s easier, more comfortable), the “new” person becomes the subject of much discord. Some folks understand operating within policy is best for the entity for which they work; others, however, will continue to buck the system, some will resign and find a job where it will be easier and some will even resign because they fear they may be subject to legal ramifications for prior actions.

As I stated, this recall effort is nothing more than a sour grapes “revenge” effort by a group of people who haven’t been able to manipulate Commissioner Noffsker. Some folks associated with this recall group are also still bitter that Commissioner Noffsker won against their candidate - and two years later, they still cannot accept the will of the voters.

Commissioner Noffsker is a professional who follows policy and expects others to do the same. Sadly, in today’s world that trait is becoming less of an admired quality in too many folks.

If this recall moves forward, the recall committee can be expected to twist the truth to their favor, take comments out of context, and use other political tactics to get you to sign their petition – and, if successful, convince you to vote to recall him in the general election. Look deeper. Use your critical thinking skills. I encourage you not to sign the petition. Allow Commissioner Noffsker to continue to work toward making Rio Grande County a county of which we can be proud.

Cliff Kincannon
Monte Vista


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