Mountain lion spotted in Saguache

SAGUACHE — Joe Lewandowski, public information officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, posted the following information on a Saguache Facebook forum last week regarding the recent sighting of a juvenile mountain lion in and around the town.  
“District Wildlife Manager Clayton BonDurant will be taking measures to address the situation,” Lewandowski said, adding the following.
“So far, this lion has shown no aggression towards people. Lions are reclusive, elusive, mostly nocturnal and will feed opportunistically on small mammals. If you see it, please contact Officer BonDurant immediately at 719-850-6364.
Without prompt reporting, locating the lion becomes very difficult. The lion appears to be attracted to and is feeding on feral cats in town. CPW requests that Saguache citizens stop feeding the cats.
The cats are abundant and provide an attractive food source; as a consequence, pet cats have been taken. Also, CPW encourages residents to secure garbage. Unsecured garbage in open trashcans provides a food source for feral cats and other animals such as skunks, foxes and most notably BEARS!
Last Thursday night, in an attempt to alter the lion’s behavior and hopefully cause it to leave the town, Officer BonDurant was able to use a Taser on the lion to shock it. It ran off and was not seen until Monday night about a mile west of town.
If the lion continues to spend time in the area, CPW will make efforts to remove the lion from the town via trapping or tranquilizing. But BonDurant needs to be notified IMMEDIATELY if you see it or evidence of it. CPW appreciates your cooperation.”


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