Penitente bike race draws large crowd

LA GARITA — The 12 Hours of Penitence Bike Race held last weekend in Penitente Canyon was well attended this year despite gusty winds and the difficulty of the winding, rock-strewn course, once traversed by local penitents on Good Friday.
A total of 89 racers participated in the race with 223 laps ridden, 197 Joker Laps logged through Penitente Canyon and 3,791 miles covered in all — 372k feet of climbing.
The race generated $5,000 to support the Rio Grande County Rattlers High School Mountain Bike Team.
Saguache County was an official sponsor for the race. Saguache County Commissioner Jason Anderson of Crestone, who rides the race every year, commended the organization during a commissioner’s meeting Tuesday for “flashing the Saguache County logo” on advertising materials for the competition.
“Fast riders from Crested Butte and Salida predominated,” Anderson remarked ruefully, commenting that he was still recovering from the race.  “It was windy, but good.”
Results for the race are listed below.
Male Solo — Tom Kavanaugh, First; Robert Weinhold, Second; Terry Daley, Third.
Female Solo — Sarah Ginsbach, First; Samantha McCoy, Second.
Male Duo — DOS Subculture Jason, Jason Willis and Jason Shelman, First; Team Hotwheels, Ryan Graber, Andrew Mastre, Second; Ballers, J.C. Norling, Robb McGuffin, Third.
Female Duo — Primal Girls, Laurie Brandt, Paige Hauptmann, First; McMights, Claire McChtly, Margaret Knight, Second; Devilish Divas of Dirt, Patti Lindquist, Elizabeth Lawaczeck
Male Trio — Mount Massive Thighs, Will Wicherski, Alex Hamilton, David Clark-Barol, First; Grit, Breton McNamara, Zach Pickett, Cody Scott, Second; Pedaling Padres, Allen Mahowald, Aaron Derwingson, Lucas Bare, Third.
Female Trio — Ketamine Kids, Linda Lee, Becky Church, Who Are You?, First; WMBA  Colorado Springs, Jaclyn Roberson, Julie Cribbs, Jolie NeSmith, Second.
Co-ed Trio — The Smokin’ Ponies, Caleb Young, Amy Young, Geoff Heller, First; Los Tigres, R.J. Robinson, Carlos Ruibal, Laura Haefeli, Second; The Spoking Section, Daniel Boyes, Ben Billings, Andrea Bachman, Third.
Singlespeed Solo — Spence Strong, First; Wayne Thebeau, Second; David Gensch, Third.
Fastest Laps — Jason Pickett, Zach Pickett, Will Wicherski, Robb McGiffin, Breton McNamara, Margaret Knight (two races), Laurie Brandt (two races), Becky Church, (two races). 

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