Saguache County swears in elected officials


Photos by Patrick Shea Sworn in on Jan. 10, Liza Marron assumed her new role as a Saguache County Commissioner. Newly sworn-in Saguache County elected officials gathered for a short reception in the courthouse on Jan. 10. Pictured from left to right, front row: Tom Perrin (coroner), Peter Peterson (assessor), Regina Swartz (treasurer), Lynne Thompson (commissioner), Tom McCracken (commissioner). Pictured from left to right, back row: Liza Marron (commissioner), Dan Warwick (sheriff), Trish Gilbert (clerk and recorder). Tom McCracken and Lynne Thompson led the farewell ceremonies for departing two-term commissioner Tim Lovato during his farewell reception on Jan. 10.

SAGUACHE — Judicial District 12 Judge Amanda Hopkins officially swore in newly elected officials in the Saguache County courtroom on Jan. 10.

Departing commissioner Tim Lovato took part in his last working meeting before the ceremony, and Liza Marron took his seat after lunch. In between, dozens attended Lovato’s farewell reception.

Treasurer Regina Swartz had been sworn in earlier in the morning, and six of the other seven officials were veterans starting new terms. These include Tom Perrin (coroner), Peter Peterson (assessor), Regina Swartz (treasurer), Dan Warwick (sheriff), Trish Gilbert (clerk and recorder), Lynne Thompson (commissioner), and Tom McCracken (commissioner).

Although Liza Marron is the only true newbie, she has been attending meetings and preparing for the job since she launched her candidacy 12 months ago.

Marron said, “I’m in the learning stage right now. I hope to do what’s best for the people of Saguache County.”