Stake out a new Center downtown business

Downtown Center is full of empty buildings and Downtown Colorado Inc. and the Colorado Business Development Center hope to help the town fill these buildings with new businesses.

CENTER— A short, three-hour workshop to help Center business hopefuls develop a business plan and financial outline for a prospective business idea will be held Monday, Sept. 19 from 4-7 p.m.
The workshop is tentatively scheduled to take place at the Commons Room in Center School’s Fyock Library. The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is sponsoring the event.
Potential business operators need only submit an outline of their ideas and SBDC will help do the rest. The workshop is no cost to those attending and is valued at over $500.
Those wishing to start a business can submit a business idea by taking the survey at:  

Who is it for?
Anyone who is interested in starting their own business in the Town of Center is welcome to attend. The workshop will teach all the basic aspects of developing a business plan. If the plan is completed and submitted, applicants will be eligible to win a cash prize in the town’s business plan competition during the Town Activation Event Oct. 15.

The workshop covers
• Planning: What is a business plan and how to write one
• Financial: Profitability, cash flow, pricing
• Marketing: Social media, outreach, marketplace, reputation, and competition.
• Customers: Growth, satisfaction, target demographics, feedback.
• Products/services: competition, innovation, trends, regulations.

Deadline to enter
On Sept. 16 Business Plan Training SBDC will hold a training to help interested potential entrepreneurs to develop their plans and their pitches for the business competition. The town of Center will connect with vacant building owners to find out which ones are available for business.
All entries must be submitted by Sept. 16 at 5 p.m. to be considered. For further information, contact Tom Monaco, director of the SLV-SBDC at 589-3682 or [email protected]
Downtown Colorado Inc.
According to Downton Colorado Inc., the Colorado Challenge Accelerator Program is a unique team building accelerator created by Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) in 2017 to focus on establishing a plan of work and proposal to engages public, private, and non-profit partners to address a significant community challenge over the course of twelve months.
The Colorado Challenge works to transform the community’s challenge into an opportunity, to establish a proposal, financing approach, and team of community partners ready to implement. The program includes five phases of planning and development that helps our Colorado communities establish a plan for community-wide initiatives to foster sustainable community and economic development, including public, private, and non-profit partners moving forward as a business-friendly destination for entrepreneurs and community initiatives. The phases include Community Selection, Team Building, Challenge Studio, Pitch Development, and Program Continuation:
Center received a $10,000 grant last year to help implement its downtown renovation. In January this year the board set out the following pan of action:  1. Revitalizing and expanding downtown with business and activity;
2. Curating partnerships with San Luis Valley to bring value added manufacturing and
3. Developing sustainable community engagement to inspire hope in the community.
(Information for this article was provided by Tom Monaco, SBDC, and Downtown Colorado Inc.)


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