Baca Grande Library to host the Unexplained in Saguache County


CRESTONE — The Northern Saguache County Library District will be hosting the Unexplained in Saguache County event at 5 p.m. on Oct. 25, at the Baca Grande Library, at 67581 County Road T.

The public is welcome to attend the free event and share their personal unexplained stories of the San Luis Valley.

Eden Elderberry, of the Saguache County Library District, spoke about the event and its spooky fun.

“This is the second year that we are hosting this event,” Elderberry said. “The event was a lot of fun last year. We actually had four of them last year, two in Saguache and two in the Baca Grande Library. This is a great event. Basically, the public is invited to tell their story of unexplained things that have happened to them. There’s a lot. Even just talking about it when I was passing out flyers. People would tell me oh well this happened to me, and that happened to me. I was like OK awesome, come and tell your stories, and yes, a lot of people have some great stories to tell.”

Elderberry said last year people talked about UFO’s and more.

“We had ant people, people who had beetles rain down on their house, and cow mutilation,” Elderberry said. “It was interesting last year too, people came with one story to tell, and then they would suddenly remember something when someone else would talk about something and they would bring up something else. We had one lady talking about beetles raining down on her house, and suddenly one of her neighbors remembered it happening, too. It was just really great.”

Elderberry said that the event is lighthearted. She said people sat in a circle and introduced themselves, and then told their stories.

Event Producer of Crestone, Nick Nevares was recently featured on a podcast through Spotify with a story that he told last year, about an unexplained occurrence that happened to him, and his reason for moving from a big city to Crestone.

Nevares spoke about how he used to be a big event producer in New Orleans, La. Nevares said that after doing that for a long time he wanted to change his life. He had been traveling to various places, living in an RV, and helping feed homeless people by cooking and then serving them in different places, such as Wal-Mart parking lots.

Nevares said after traveling extensively that he met up to a homeless man, and fed him, and was told by the homeless man, that he should move to Crestone. Nevares listened to him, and he moved to Crestone, finding nothing but success and a place to call home.

After moving to Crestone, he also happened upon the same homeless man who also never forgot him and asked him if he had moved to Crestone. Nevares said, “I picked up this homeless man and took him grocery shopping and he looked at me and said, ‘Did you move to Crestone?’ I stated yes, and he said OK now I know why I was born, and he walked away from me. That’s a true story that is how I got to Crestone.”