Center Continues Work on Development of North 90 


CENTER — Recently, professionals working in planning and community development discussed strategies and ideas for developing the North 90 acreage.

These professionals were from a variety of areas including the San Luis Valley, other areas in Colorado and nationally. While the town has yet to annex the North 90, the delay is due to the need for a comprehensive plan of action for development.

According to Keith Brockhurst, VISTA Volunteer for the Town of Center, “The American Planning Association sent its Urban Design and Preservation Division’s Design and Preservation Rapid Assistance Team (D-PRAT). Over the course of several days, this team laid out a sample land use map for the North 90 Addition to accommodate the Town's need for residential, commercial, public, and industrial space. At the same time, they also worked on a plan for how to further enhance our existing downtown space and how it can be seamlessly connected to the new development.”

The results of the summit were a strong step forward, however, it is in the early first stages toward a long-term and ambitious community improvement project.

“During this summit, while one team was working on planning and designing the spaces in Center, another team made up of SLV stakeholders and other Colorado experts were working on policy to ensure this development works for current residents and locals. The Town is incredibly grateful for all of the support in making progress on these initiatives and will soon seek to engage the broader Center community,” stated Brockhurst.

The overall goal of the project is to create a cohesive town, with the new development as a seamless part of the whole, not a distinctly separate area from the current downtown.