Center highlights economic development in recent report


CENTER — The Town of Center released its second economic development update in the form of a newsletter on Monday, Nov. 8.

The newsletter reports on the state of all aspects of the economic development that has recently been happening in Center, including grants, goals, and even school curriculum enhancements.

According to the newsletter, “The Town has been awarded numerous grants, a national team of urban planners came to Center to do initial planning for the North 90 Addition, a statewide charitable foundation has been seeking grassroots community leaders to address Center's needs, Center's roadmaps team identified three regional goals, the Town partnered with the Frontier Theatre to host a trial of a community food event, and the school system has been enhancing their project-based curriculum through a Valley-wide grant. Center will continue to be very active about determining its own future. This newsletter is intended to keep everyone up to date on the activities related to the Town's development.”

On Oct. 9, the Frontier Theater and the Town of Center partnered to create a food event called “The Dish.” This event showcased local dishes made by residents of Center and Saguache County. The event was considered a test, to see how well the community and surrounding areas felt about having this type of event. According to the newsletter, it was a great success.

Also of note was the award of $114,588 from the Main Street Open for Business Grant to five downtown businesses in Center. This grant opportunity was created by the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), and the Town of Center was one of 13 communities selected for the grant, from a pool of 48 communities that applied.

According to Town of Center VISTA Volunteer Keith Brockhurst, “The program offered grant money to private businesses in the historic downtown district of a town to improve their appearance and or energy efficiency. The improvements to the selected downtown businesses include new exterior paint, upgraded windows, new signage, energy-efficient lighting, and improved roofing. Be on the lookout for these improvements as the year continues.”