Happy New Year

Trout Republic


I hope that most of you are enjoying the New Year as by the time you read this it will be underway and 2023 will be a crossed-out blemish on the calendar of life.

I am sitting in my recliner writing this column as the year winds down on the clock and glad I am here safe and sound.

Perusing the channels on the idiot box I see there are celebrations going on all over the country and world. People are massed together singing and gyrating and all Ol’ Dutch can think is how glad I am not there.

No traffic to navigate, no drunks to dodge and no obnoxious strangers blowing a horn in my face and wishing me a happy new year. Bah Humbug.

My plan early on was to celebrate here with Miss Trixie and maybe even sneak in a New Year's smooch but she was called away today to help her ailing aunt and uncle.

So much for pitching woo with my sweetie, at least on this night. I guess Mr. Cooper and I will have to hold down the fort alone and he is not much on kisses, let me tell you.

Looking back on 2023, Ol’ Dutch has plenty to be thankful for. We had some real health miracles with some close family members and those are always most appreciated of all blessings.

We started building a new house and although it's slow going as Ol’ Dutch is superintendent, foreman, laborer, cook and chief bottle washer on the project. But it's coming along, and I am thankful that I will finally have a home again when completed.

Resolutions are part of every New Year and Ol’ Dutch is full of them. Well, he is full of something, according to Miss Trixie.

The first resolution is pretty straight forward. Ol’ Dutch really needs to reduce tonnage and it seems no matter how hard I work around the farm, I just do not make much of a dent on the scale of life.

Not too long ago I had to fill out some questionnaires about my health and one question was “What kind of shape are you in?” I just typed in “Round.” That pretty much describes anything they might need to know about me, I think.

It was not sufficient for the bean counters however and they pestered me night and day for two weeks for a clarification and better description of my decrepit self.

So, looking back I really think I have very little to complain about. In 2023, I heat, food and hot showers every day and so I am thankful for the little things, so it seems.

The year ahead looks to be challenging at least on the world stage as there are wars and rumors of wars in the news every day and it's worrisome at the least. I guess we need not be surprised about all that as it says that exact thing in the Bible, so it's been with us it seems like forever.

I think the saddest thing about any war is that the common people never want one. We all just want to go to work, go home and take care of our families. No sane person could ever want to be subjected to the hardships that conflicts bring but somehow, we let others lead us down the paths of destruction.

2024 will also bring us a national election and it’s times like this that Ol’ Dutch is glad he does not have any of the television channels that will pour out the vile lies from politicians seeking office. I can sit comfortably in my RV and watch Andy Griffith or Green Acres on the antennae and avoid all the hubbub.

Wherever the New Year finds you, be a blessing to those around you and especially to those less fortunate than yourself. And if you find yourself in need of help yourself, my prayer is that each and every one of you find a path forward in this New Year and that you yourself will become a blessing to many.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV, or hike daily. His email is Kevin@TroutRepublic.com. Additional news can be found at www.troutrepublic.com.