Letter to Editor: Superhero, at my service



Liza Marron is my kind of superhero; not the comic book-action movie kind, who can fly, or bend steel, but with equally unusual powers. More practical than the ability to dodge bullets: consensus-building, budget-managing, and transforming endless hours of meetings into progressive action.

For weeks now, I have wanted to write something in support of Marron’s candidacy for Saguache County Commissioner. At first, the prospect sent me into the Abyss of Political Despair, wondering how to communicate in an arena where people are divided about what is real, and what is fiction. Eventually, I surrendered that problem to the final truth-teller: Time.

In the here-and-now reality of San Luis Valley, I ask fellow voters to consider Marron’s background. She has served in many established job roles: ranch hand; social worker; foster mom; mom; president of the School Board. These relate-able titles show us something about her work ethic and value system.  

Perhaps more impressive is Marron’s track record as a free-thinking problem-solver. She has initiated or partnered with others to establish multiple non-profit organizations and businesses which fill needs specific to San Luis Valley.

If you have ever ordered (organic) produce from the Valley Roots Food Hub, (Fresh Box program), you have benefited from her work. If you have enjoyed a meal from “MOKI,” (the Mobile Kitchen) food truck, this is part of the “Local Foods, Local Places” initiative that she helped to develop. If you know someone who works in a small non-profit in the Saguache County, they probably depend on their sponsor, ScSEED, (the Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development) to manage the administration required to operate as a non-profit. (You might guess who runs ScSeed.)

There’s more to Marron’s background, of course. I’ve heard about a mere fraction of her work, and mostly not from her. She listens more than she talks. She refuses to brag.

Real superheroes, (at least, the Political kind), do not use hate to knock out those who disagree with them. Real superheroes take the time to understand complex issues, and the concerns of those affected by them. Heros listen. Deliberate. Collaborate. Communicate. Delegate. They focus on both the process and the outcome. I want a superhero representing my interests on a county level. If I were to conjure up a character that embodies the qualities of an ideal County Commissioner, she would be Marron.

Tricia Toney