Letter to Editor: Think of becoming a Democrat



I’m sure we are all aware that the new POTUS has been inaugurated and that his cabinet is slowly getting filled. This should have been done months ago, but due to Donald Trump and his “belief” that the election was stolen, President Joe Biden is still trying to get Senate approval for his cabinet nominees. As a result of this, we are facing issues rolling out the vaccination efforts across the country. We are still having issues finding guidance from the CDC to get our kids back to school and we are finding it challenging to come together with a second impeachment trial of Trump taking place today.

I write to you to inform you that we rural Coloradoans are a lot more alike than we think. I had the chance to speak with students of two rural schools this fall and describe my role as a Democrat candidate to students who might not normally see Democrats. I was enthused to hear them say that they were glad to hear my perspective as they have only heard one-sided stories from peers, family members and their religious leaders.

If you are a Republican who is not happy with the way the extreme right has commandeered your party, not followed facts or been held accountable, think of being a Democrat. Most Democrats in rural Colorado want the same things as you do…good jobs, good schools, quality accessible healthcare that’s affordable and the ability to pass on their values to their heirs. Most Democrats here are strong in faith, community and responsible gun owners who hard work.

So, if you are having issues with your party and how it is changing, think of becoming a Democrat. 

Carlos R Lopez