Mayoral recall, Trustee elections and sales tax allocation on Crestone ballot


CRESTONE — On Tuesday, April 5, the Town of Crestone will be holding its regular election and a special recall election.

The regular election will be held for four Trustee positions and a ballot issue titled "Reallocation of a Portion of Dedicated Sales Tax to a Special Reserve Fund for Water and Sewer Capital Improvements."

The recall election asks voters two questions, whether to recall Mayor Kairina Danforth and a question to elect one candidate as follows: Carl O. Cole., according to the Town of Crestone. If the recall is passed, then votes on the second question will be tabulated. Danforth has been mayor for 10 years.

According to the Colorado Secretary of State, “If a recall petition is found to have a sufficient number of valid signatures, the question of whether to recall the officeholder is placed on the ballot. Below the recall question on the ballot, recall successor candidates will be listed as choices for voters, the officeholder being recalled cannot be a successor candidate.”

Ballots in this election will be held as a Mail Ballot Election, which were mailed to registered voters on March 16. All registered voters should have received their ballot by mail and the ballot must be received by the Crestone Town Clerk by 7 p.m. on April 5.

Ballots can be submitted by mail, or in person at Crestone Town Hall.

Five candidates are running for the four Trustee positions. They are as follows; Ginny Ducale, Stephen J. Hume, Adam Kinney, Kizzen N. Laki, and Daya Scheide.