Playing Password with Miss Trixie


There may be a few readers who can remember the original game show Password invented by CBS Network in 1961. In its long multi-year run, it has called NBC and ABC home, as well, and continues today. For those of you who are not familiar with the game, it consists of two teams of two people. One of which is a well-known celebrity and the other one is chosen from a field of willing contestants.

Alan Ludden was the game show host for many years and his well-known wife, actress Betty White, often was one of the celebrity contestants. There have not been many Hollywood elite who have not been on the show so suffice it to say just about everyone you have ever heard of and more appeared to play the game at one time or another.

One of the contestants from each team was given a card with a word on it. That word might be something as simple as the word “elephant.” Taking turns, the contestant would give one-word clues to their partners trying to elicit the correct answer for points which became cash or prizes if guessed correctly. If the first clue did not get a correct response, then the other team could add a word such as “trunk” or “circus” and hope that their partner could deduce the correct answer from that clue.

My parents bought us the Password game one time for Christmas, and I can recall playing that in the car on our way to the many places we traveled to on a weekly basis. I think it is a great learning tool to come up with clues and figure out the answers. It sure makes the old brain creak and groan a bit and Miss Trixie says all those noises from Ol’ Dutch’s cranium makes her crazy.

Of late, Miss Trixie and I have begun to plan a different game like Password but without the prize. In fact, our game between usually ends up in a fight or at least long periods of silence due to her frustration with my answers. Here is how our game goes. Trixie will begin a conversation let's say about going to the Amish Bakery. She might say something like “I hope they have some eggs.”

Now this may seem like a pretty straight forward kind of conversation but what happens in the translation is what gets Ol’ Dutch in, well, in Dutch. For what I heard her say is “The Pope is having to beg.” This starts what is known as a complete panic on my part as I have no idea why the Pontiff would be begging in the first place. But that's what I heard.

So anyhow, now the game has begun, and Trixie tries again to get the right words across to me and I try and read her lips while driving down the road until she screams that I crossed the centerline. I don't know what is wrong with her, but she often acts like she has something to really live for.

But any who, this game progresses with more and more clues being given in a louder and louder voice much like people do when talking to foreigners thinking more volume will somehow get the message across. We will go through the “pope” part and once that is ironed out then progress down through the “eggs” and before long Ol’ Dutch finally has the message that we need yellow-yoked yummies.

And so goes the days, weeks, months, and years for poor Miss Trixie. They say that after people live together so long that they begin to think the other person’s thoughts even before they are spoken. And Ol’ Dutch is holding out for that day when my Yellow Rose of Texas won't even have to speak but can just think a thought and I will get it. I guess most men are wishing for that day also. Sure, would be peaceful.

There is some loose talk from local rock climbing guide Curt Howell about getting Ol’ Dutch to try out some rock climbing in Penitente Canyon. Stay tuned to see how this adventure goes with me, Miss Trixie, and Narrow Ridge Outdoors. And book your own trip for sure fire excitement and adventure.

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