Saguache Public Library hosts Story Time on Tuesdays


SAGUACHE — On Tuesdays, the Saguache Public Library hosts Story Time, an event geared toward educating children through reading and other activities. All children are welcome to attend.  

Program Director Eden Elderberry spoke about Story Time.

“We started out with Story Time and activities, after COVID-19 dropped all the mask mandates and that made it a lot easier. We have gone back and forth between Story Time being library led and it being led by parents,” Elderberry said. “It has just been really great. The parents have been so supportive and helpful.”

Elderberry spends time at the Baca Grande Library and the Saguache Library and was appreciative of the parents’ support.

In Saguache, Story Time consists of usually reading about three stories and then doing age-appropriate activities.

“We tend to get younger children at the library in Saguache, so we do activities that are appropriate for toddlers and up. The children really enjoy it,” Elderberry said.

Elderberry said that even though it is a smaller area in Saguache, and they do not get as much participation as they would if the school was bringing them, the number of children is welcomed and appreciated.

Elderberry said that there are usually a consistent five children that show up for the event weekly.

The Baca Grande Library has Story Time on Wednesdays, but it is only through the school year.

“We have lots of school visits to the Baca Grande Library,” Elderberry said. “The Crestone Charter School brings over classes to the library for this event. So, at times we will have the whole second and third grade come over or the whole fourth and fifth grade come over, or the whole high school will come over. At the Baca Grande Library it’susually just me reading stories to the kids.”

Elderberry said there is no registration required for Story Time in Saguache. Elderberry stated that during the summer in the Saguache Library they give out prizes, sometimes donated by local businesses, to the top readers.

Elderberry said the library welcomes donations for prizes from businesses or anyone else that can donate.