ScSEED moving forward with strategic plan implementation


SAGUACHE COUNTY — The non-profit organization known as ScSEED (Saguache County Sustainable Environment and Economic Development) is moving forward with its strategic plan implementation for 2023.

Shaped during a workshop held in February with board members and community affiliates, the two-page document will steer ScSEED’s future actions through alignment with its four foundational pillars, which are community-building, economic development, mindful land use, and health and social well-being. These four pillars were established in 1999 under a founding charter entitled, “Preserving Our Heritage, Designing Our Future. A Strategic Plan for Saguache County.”

Ameille Warner, Development Director for ScSEED, presented the Implementation Plan to Saguache County Commissioners, stating to the commissioners that “ScSEED is open for business.”

Warner went on to present the recent accomplishments of the organization, including an overview of the February workshop, the addition of a bookkeeper to assist in keeping financials in order, the capable board now in place, and a review of the non-profit affiliates who rely on ScSEED as their fiscal sponsor.

ScSEED has a long history of enacting projects that support its mission, which is “To work together as a community to develop a sustainable economy that builds on our existing strengths, contributes to a strong, integrated community, and protects the environment, rural lifestyle, and character of Saguache County.”

With the implementation plan as a guide, ScSEED is looking forward to taking on new projects to benefit Saguache County.

ScSEED has a long-term vision of serving as the economic development entity for Saguache

County, serving the social, environmental, and economic needs of the county. It will have programs and partnerships involving housing, land use, education, community healing, food access, cultural heritage, and social well-being.

Toward this goal, Development Director Warner is applying for grant funding to build capacity and establish the foundation for larger projects.

In addition to its own projects, ScSEED functions as a fiscal sponsor to a number of community organizations in the county, including the Crestone Energy Fair, SLV Seed Exchange, Crestone Artists, and Crestone Community Gardens, and anticipates the addition of more affiliate partners in the future.

This fiscal sponsorship provides non-profit tax benefits to the affiliates without the need to be established as a nonprofit on their own. These affiliates apply for this partnership to prove that they align with the Mission, Vision, and Priorities established by ScSEED’s charter.

ScSEED is actively looking for civic-minded individuals from across Saguache County, and specifically a treasurer, to join the board and advance sustainable economic development, protect environmental resources, and address pressing community needs. If you would be interested in joining ScSEED, or have a community group within Saguache County that might benefit from ScSEED’s fiscal sponsorship, contact Board Chair Max Gibson at or Warner at Learn more about ScSEED at and on Facebook.