Smoke and mirrors


It has long been thought that a lot of what goes on in the world is manipulated by those in charge. They are thought to use a technique called smoke and mirrors to draw attention away from what is really going on behind the scenes and keep us focused on something really unrelated and often mundane.

It appears to me that this is happening more and more as social media and access to the public’s eyes has developed so quickly and completely.

I got to thinking — a dangerous endeavor for Ol’ Dutch according to Miss Trixie — that probably everything around us, sans your church bulletin, is used to keep us entertained while evil abounds around us. And having said all that, I can see that even the Holidays are probably a ploy to keep us from seeing what the politicians and other world leaders are really up to.

Take Valentine’s Day. And I wish you would, please. The stores and advertisers start in about Christmas promoting the love god’s day of celebration with strategically placed candy and hearts and then later flowers galore adorn their shelves in abundance.

For many years I had thought that this was just an advertising ploy to skin me out of a few more dollars trying to appease some female of the species but now Ol’ Dutch is starting to wonder if a more sinister plot is actually at hand.

In all the years I have known Miss Trixie she has insisted that I not get her anything for Heart Day. And Ol’ Dutch, ever the one who wants to please her, obliged her request religiously.

I had gotten her cards at least but one year changed all that, too. This particular year we were down at South Padre Island missing the wintry mix normally found up North. On this particular day, Miss Trixie had gone into a department store to shop and said she would meet me in the car. So, Ol’ Dutch took it upon himself to sneak into the Dollar Store and pick out a nice card that would express my undying love and tender appreciation for all things Trixie.

Of course, not one to leave Ol’ Dutch unsupervised for many minutes in a day, Miss Trixie found me at the register, corny card in hand and the gist was up. So, I did the only thing I could do at the time and showed her the card, told her I loved her and put it back on the shelf. No use throwing good money after bad I always say.

But seeing how this one Holiday is used to keep us focused on the mundane while other deeper things are afloat around us, I began to really look to find other events that lead us astray of the actual secrets transpiring daily in our lives.

The latest infatuation with Swift and Kelce is just one such diversion as they are now thrown at us like yesterday's garbage that is so prolific it starts to cover us head to toe in no time at all. You cannot turn on a television or computer or phone without being inundated by news about these two people. One of which has a beard and the other wears her clothes off the shoulder no matter if it's a coat or blouse or football jersey. You would think being a billionaire she could find something off the rack that would stay on that left shoulder but even fame has its drawbacks, I guess.

It's a little concerning to Ol’ Dutch that these two people came into such popularity so quickly but the powers that be had to do something because they had worn out Megan and Harry completely and the public was ready for something else to take their minds off the real problems at hand.

So, we are led, so it seems, down a path of least resistance and are distracted to the point that we have let others put us so far in debt we can never pay it off. They have gotten us into wars we had no business being in, pocketed untold millions of dollars from public office and hundreds of other things like that while we watch the clowns in a three-ring circus entertain us.

But rest assured, soon Taylor will spit out Travis like a bad street taco and they will have to find something else to keep our minds off of what is really going on.

In the meantime, please look in your bulletin and sing with me #428. I wonder what else is going on there now too.

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