Sounds of an abundance of rain


There is an old adage that says if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb, referring to the wind speeds normally associated with that Spring month.

But something has happened this year and the month that came in very windy has lagged on over into April — and maybe into May — with high winds. And with those winds there have been so many fires across the West with terrible loss of both property and lives.

Ol’ Dutch, long known as a Rain Man of no small renown, finally got his magic to working here in North Texas and now its flooding in many places. I have always been able to prime the old pump and get it to rain but stopping it is just not my forte.

I always say they may not pay me to come to a location and make it rain but they will pay me to leave once it begins.

Soon Miss Trixie and I will be heading to Colorado for the season and I will bring some much-needed rain to that region as well. Normally when I am there, all Ol’ Dutch has to do is get his fishing pole out and the rains begin as if on cue.

I guess it's similar to the old timey dowsing rods that people use to witch water underground, only this being pointed to the sky brings forth rain in abundance.

There have been many instances down through my life of rainmaking events across the country as we took vacations to different parts of the United States.

Why just let Ol’ Dutch show up in Missouri or Louisiana and they will be inundated with thunderstorms and heavy rains to boot.

Some years ago, Miss Trixie and I had to make a trip to California to retrieve her treasures and it just so happened it was in the middle of a drought. Lake Tahoe was at record lows and the streams had dried up leaving fish high and dry.

Ol’ Dutch was able to work some magic that year for them and I didn’t even get my fishing rod out to devine it up for them. Record rains and snows followed even washing out a big dam and scaring people half to death.

Like I said. I can start it but stopping it must be someone else's job.

Down throughout history there have been rainmakers of all sorts, and some would travel around the country beating on a drum and firing off a cannon. They believed that caused rain to form as after any major battle of the Civil War copious amounts of rain did fall due to the amount of gunpowder residue in the air around which water droplets would form.

However, way before those traveling artisans began their trade there was a man named Elijah and he was able to make it rain due to his association with the Big Guy in the sky.

One time after a big display for unbelievers he caused fire to fall from the sky on an altar he had prepared, he prayed for rain to follow.

Seeing a small cloud appear on the horizon, the Good Book says he girded up his loins and ran all the way to town just beating a gully washer that broke the drought.

Now Ol’ Dutch has never been much on girding up my own loins, I have eaten quite a few tenderloins and so feel like I am keeping up somewhat with the tradition of the prophets of old. At least in the spirit of the thing.

I realize that the West can use rain now and I am trying some long-distance conjuring for rain but if that does not seem to work, have no fear, I will be out there soon to relieve the suffering currently being experienced.

We are currently interviewing for a no wind type of prophet or prophetess as I am sure their services would be duly appreciated especially this year.

Gird up your loins, folks, if you have them and prepare. For I hear the sounds of an abundance of rain.

Kevin Kirkpatrick and his Yorkie, Cooper, fish, hunt, ATV or hike daily. His email is Additional news can be found at