Citizens warned of jury duty scam

SAGUACHE COUNTY — According a Saguache Sheriff’s Office press release, multiple reports have been received by the 12th Judicial District involving a recent jury duty phone scam.

Several Saguache residents reported they have received calls from an unknown person who indicated he was with the Sheriff’s Office and that an arrest warrant had been issued because the targeted person had not shown up for jury duty.

The people contacted were told their bond was $925 and each individual needed to pay that amount in the form of a cashier’s check. The caller gave a phone number to confirm the warrant and the phone number eventually rang into the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office.

The jury Commissioner and the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office wants citizens to know this is a scam. DO NOT pay or send any money.
If the Jury Commissioner requires any person’s presence in court that person will receive a jury notice or will be subpoenaed to testify with subpoena served personally by a sheriff deputy.

Any citizens with concerns may contact the Jury Commissioner at 719-589-7602 or call the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office at 719-655-2525.


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