• Marijuana application issues still in question

    An independent researcher believes s/he has verified serious problems with at least eight different marijuana applications filed with the state and in Saguache County and has identified several irregularities in associated key licenses and other filings.

  • Saguache board discusses water issues

    Town Board met Monday to review its proposed budget and discuss a water quality improvement grant, also to address water table problems plaguing town residents.

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Del Norte Bank robbery remains under investigation

Del Norte Police Department released surveillance video images of the man who robbed the bank Friday afternoon.

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Sheriff still shorthanded

Saguache Sheriff Dan Warwick says his jail is still overcrowded and despite hiring a new deputy he is still missing about half the staff he needs to run the sheriff’s office with maximum efficiency and safety.

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    Sheriff, deputies to walk if pay demands not met

    A funny thing happened on Saguache County’s way to becoming Cannabis County. In running an excise tax proposal on the same ballot that law enforcement requested a sales tax increase for an expanded force and a new jail complex, they managed to accomplish two things. First, the passage of the excise tax that was touted as relieving Saguache County’s financial crunch and second, the assurance that not much would be done to police the grows once they were approved following the failure of the sales tax initiative.

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