Letter to the Editor: John’s integrity is impeccable

To the editor,

Another election is upon us and I fear this will be the most important election in our country’s history. Freedom is at stake and our country as we know it will be lost forever if the radical socialist democrats aren’t stopped.

People we must wake up now. The global panic has been perpetrated via the controlled media. We are having a global economic meltdown and global people control in order to fast-track their global socialist agenda. It all seems so evil, but the fake press, radical socialist democrats are in our faces. They are doing everything they can to degrade this country. As if that is not enough, we have the same thing going on at our state and county level.

I was just made aware of a recall being organized against John Noffsker. We have a small group working to perpetrate foolish claims. John was elected county commissioner for Rio Grande County and took office in January 2019. The position being filled by John was a breath of fresh air. His presence has been invaluable. He understands the importance of economics and long-term planning. He has jumped into the position fighting for Rio Grande County first. I’ve heard complaints about the firing of the Public health director. The decision to fire her was unanimous. John as chairman did not vote. She would not give the commissioners the information they kept asking for.

The former commissioner Karla Shriver has been seen with the former Public health director’s mother in front of a Monte Vista store collecting signatures for the recall petition. The petition has totally misleading claims. John is the one to finally get the county to follow the state and county policies, etc.
John’s integrity is impeccable and he should not have to bare such an attack, but remember these people are evil and will do anything to tear this county and country apart.

Steve Matthews
Monte Vista


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