MV City Council approves return of Native American art fair

MONTE VISTA — Douglas Crowwolf and Kate Kelley, owners of FaeMoon Wolf Designs, presented their plans to hold a second Native American art fair this year in the Fassett parking lot at the City Council meeting on March 18.

Last year was the first year they held the event. Encouraged by the success of the fair last year, they are hoping to make it even bigger and better this year but will also be making sure to stay within COVID-19 safety guidelines. 

“As you know we did the Native American art show last year. We’re ramping up to make it bigger and better this year. I’ve already got vendors clamoring to be a part of this. I’m going to look at getting maybe a few, three, or four dancers. I’d like to see if I can get a least one drum group,” Crowwolf told the council. 

They plan to have the art fair the third weekend of each month in the Fassett parking lot, starting April 16-18, weather permitting. They plan to continue each month through September. The event will take place on Friday evening through Sunday on those weekends. 

Kelley also shared with the council that they would like to have an art walk this year with the fair.

“We can put an artist in front of our business. Rain Brews has said in the past they would be willing to work with us on this,” Kelley said. “Maybe get some artists, somebody outside painting. Maybe a guitarist. You know nothing major but get some artwork going on Adam’s Street, once a month on Friday evening leading into the weekend art fair.”  

Crowwolf also shared that they have received the support of native elders for the event.

“I’ve talked to elders on the reservations down south, and they’re all for it,” Crowwolf said. “I’ve got the full support of my native elders, on the different reservations for this.”

Crowwolf also said they hope to hold a powwow in Monte Vista in 2022. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they hope that by waiting a year it will be a safer time to hold that event. 

During their presentation, Mayor Pro Tem Victor Sigala asked how many vendors they had for the art fair last year.

“Last year we had five on a normal basis. I’m already looking at eight (for this year) and I’m not even hitting social media heavy and hard yet,” said Crowwolf. “I’m going to try this year a lot harder to get at least 15.”

They shared with the council how they hope to continue to make it bigger and better every year. They received approval from the city council to hold the art fair in the Fassett parking lot. The Fassett parking lot is on the corner of Highway 160 and Jefferson.